La Storia - 2001 srl
1986In this year the Company was born, with the activity of marketing of hospital shoes and furniture.
1995 The Company discovers the material that will change the history: the ALVEOLAR POLYPROPYLENE, material used as extruded sheet for the realization of the box for disposal of sanitary waste potentially infected with thermoweld bottom resistance to liquids. The product, thanks to its significant quality as: lightness and resistance to liquids, becomes in a few years leader on the market with a consequent actuall spread of about 4,3 milions of pieces a year ( data refer only to the distribution on Italian territory).
2009Was born PoolinBox, the innovative patented box made of cardboard assembled to a bottom made of alveolar polypropylene.
2010The Company develops the new line of bins made of polypropylene for disposal of hospital waste.
2011The 2001 s.r.l. obtains the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001:2008, with the objective to improve every year the production processes and the service offered to the customer.
2012Is launched a new line of plastic bins for collection of clinical waste special for export.
Over the years the 2001 s.r.l. Never stopped to invest, as well as in the creation of new products, in new production technologies (always updated with the latest news of the market); the 2001 s.r.l. Uses automated systems for the production and packaging of products, with the aim to guarantee maximum performance.