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BS EN ISO 23907:2012
NF X 30-500
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BS EN ISO 23907:2012
It represent the evolution of the British Standards, establishing the essential parameters for all the single-use
containers for collection of clinical sharp waste.
The conformity to those parameters is defined by: perforation tests,
resistance to damage tests, resistance of the system of closure.
The result is collected in the Test Report.
The execution of tests is intrusted to competent and certificated laboratories for the issued of those documents.
Is the european regulation which regulates the transport on street of hazardous materials.
If a products is conforms to the ADR requirements, on the same is reported the UN required mark.
The approvals are valid for 5 years, after this data there is a renewal of the approval.
How to read the ADR Mark on a box:
4H2 = packaging type
Y2,5 = group and gross mass
S = state of the transportable material (in this case S like SOLID)
12 = year of production
I = nation grantor
CPABS0055 -07 = Competent Authority and year of approval issue.
2001LT25 = item code

NF X 30-500
French regulation which include the principles and the requirements necessary in order to improve the security of packaging for potentially infectious waste which could present a danger for the public health.

The norm is divided in:
NF X 30-507
It's intended to cardoboard packaging or similar with real capacity equal or less to 60 liters.
This norm verify:
resistance to inclination, to reversal, of the closure system and to liquid tight the the method of marking the method of marking and the packaging informations proposed by the manufacturer
NF X 30-505
It's applicable to plastic drums and jerricans with a real capacity between 10 and 60 liters.
This norm verify:
- resistance to fall down, to uplift, to reversal, to sharp penetration and to liquid tight